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Smartpi - Mengaji Online

Our Advantage

Encouraging Improvement of Japanese Language Skills

The existence of high interaction between teachers and students in private learning is expected to encourage an effective learning process and improve students' Japanese language skills more optimally.

Fun and Self Learning Methods

Learn various aspects of Japanese language skills in stages according to the student's abilities and needs/objectives of learning. The material is presented with various interactive media and encourages student discipline to hone the skills that have been obtained in various forms of practice.

Professional teacher

Lecturers graduated from well-known universities in Japan, active in several exchange program opportunities in Japan, JLPT certified, and experienced in teaching Japanese at various levels.

Technology Support

Teknologi video conference yang kami kembangkan memungkinkan siswa dan guru untuk bisa corat coret materi 2 arah secara bersama sehingga memberi kemudahan dalam diskusi dan belajar matematika meskipun sistem online.

Flexible Schedule and Teacher

Teachers and study schedules can be selected and adjusted to your children's hours.

Learning Videos on SmarPi

Here is an example of an online learning experience in a SmartPi class

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Says the parents of the participants studying on SmartPi

SmartPi Teacher

Nisa Safira

Guru Bahasa Jepang
Alumni of Tokyo University of Agriculture, International Bio-business Program. I got this scholarship from IPB with the U to U program to take an undergraduate program for four years. With English and Japanese language programs. During my study period I was active in PPI TUA organizational activities and cultural and linguistic activities.

Questions and answers

Is it possible to learn from a Smartphone?
For an interactive learning process, Smart only supports PCs and laptops. It is not recommended to use a Smartphone.
How do I schedule regular classes?
The schedule can be made through the SmartPhone mobile application or through the website Kelas.smartpi.id in the schedule menu
How do I schedule regular classes?
Schedule cancellations can be made via the mobile application and website. Minimum cancellation is 6 hours before class.
We encountered a technical problem during class. What can we do now?
  • Make sure to use the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Try to reload the page or press f5 on the keyboard.
  • Check microphone and camera https://webcammictest.com.
  • Restart the device.
How long does the class last?
Lessons on SmartPi last 30 minutes per session. Many scientific studies show that this is the optimal time for children to concentrate on individual lessons with native speakers. If you feel your child is ready, you are welcome to schedule 2 lessons in a row.

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